Our Programs

The Focus of Our Efforts


  • African Youth Basketball Organization offers multiple camps in different countries in Africa.

  • Find high academic student athletes that have a desire to go to school in America and fulfill their dream to play basketball in high school and college.

  • Each kid is personally taken care of; provided with housing, food, clothes, travel, education and visas.

  • Helping to build infrastructure in Africa (gyms, track & field, etc.)


  • Life Skills Enrichment Program

  • Develop Servant – Leaders through Various Community Outreach programs

  • Mentorship Program with Collegiate / Pro Athletes, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs.

  • Connects student-athletes with Nutritionist, Counselors, Health Fitness Specialist, and Sport Specific Trainers.

  • Push student – athlete to become lifelong Success stories to be passed through generations.

  • Safe-haven for at risk youth

Coaches Hoop4Hope

  • Community Charity Event

  • 12 High School Coaching staffs compete in a 1 day tournament 

  • Student Players get to coach their coaches

  • Fun for families and fans